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Frozen vs. Fresh, are they better?

Frozen fruits has had a bad name before for no reason and there are several studies to show this and even challenge the fresh produce on vitamin and antioxidant levels.

What Does not change with freezing?

Calories – sorry these remain the same but luckily fruits and vegetables are low in calories

Carbs/sugars – There might be a tiny change on this as in fresh fruit migh change over time from deterioration but not enough to change the nutritional facts.

Minerals – As minerals are elements they are not going to change whatever you do to them.



What can change?

Vitamins and antioxidants are sensitive to heat, light and oxygen. Some fruits and vegetables deteriorate very quickly after picking. Therefore as our fruits and vegetables are IQF Frozen immediately after picking this process will lock these vitamins and antioxidants from escaping. The University of Chester did a study which looked at the health benefits of frozen fruits and vegetables.

Lets look at an example of Vitamin C

Here is what happened in their study for Blueberries Vitamin C content

At first glance this looks like hoax but after reading the study its easy to understand why frozen is the top choice and especially looking the the 67% drop in Vitamin C levels after you had them in your fridge for 3 days!

The problem with fresh berries and just about any fruit is that its picked before its fully ripe. This process is made so once it arrives to your supermarket, they will look ripe.

But their peak antioxidant content level was when they were just picked. Once they are picked its source of life begings to die even if it continues to ripen in appearance.

Frozen fruit is picked when ripe since.

After 3 days in fridge the levels drop dramatically as in refrigerator temperature the produce continue to burn through its own nutrients and try to ’stay alive’. This process chemical bounds are broken down.

What we learn from this?

Well if you have bluberries or well any fruits or vegetables growing in your back garden please enjoy all the goodness these fresh powerhouses provide you but please remember when buying fresh from suppliers or markets that the word fresh doesnt alway quarantee the same vitamin and antioxidant levels.